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Herbs Instead of Pills

Herbs from God’s Apothecary, Alternative Medicine, and the experiences over hundreds and hundreds of years  in using herbal remedies, treating a wide range of ailments, Zeitgeist offers this educational component for a healthy, light lifestyle with less pills.

This program will probably not solve all your problems, but it can help you to change your life and it can give you a total new life perspective.

See us in a workshop near you.

Arts, Beach & Desert Tours

Let’s talk about art. What does fine art do to you? How can it make your life better?

By triggering creativity, it inspires and lifts your self-esteem to a different level. Being surrounded by things you admire shapes your new reality.

Experience yoga at the beach in the morning after a little snack starting with Stinging Nettle Tea and an apple… or a rustic back to basics health pro-treat in the desert… combined with a writer’s workshop.

Pro-Treat Tours give you the opportunity to find what was always missing, to live a fun, balanced and healthy life. You find the new YOU in the environment you design.

Improve Your Life

Frustrated about your social, economic, career, educational, or health status?  Following the urge to change for better, step up, but not knowing where to step into? Looking for a modern life school, a guideline to health and life quality, learning skills to become your own life style designer?

After a divorce, loss of a loved one, dramatic life changing event, job loss or just retired, with Zeitgeist, you can change your current eating habits, learn, and live the art to see importance in life.

Featured Services

Are you suffering from anxiety, high or low blood pressure, diabetic, obesity, arthritis, allergies, pain, fever, ulcer, sleep apnea, atopic dermatitis, rheumatism, restlessness, sinusitis, stomach cramps, metabolism disease, prostate problems, migraine, high cholesterol?

MeVALUATION | Jean-Anne Alexander | Zeitgeist Coaching | Zeitgeist Lifestyle by Design

What do you really want? Do you know who, what and where you want to be?  Evaluate your current Body-Mind-Soul status today.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle Workshop

Zeitgeist shares with you the methodology and how you can ease your life with an herbal apothecary.

Zeitgeist Travel Tours

Change your mindset, change your life. Start living your new designed lifestyle while on tour with Zeitgeist Tours.