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What We Do.

“Zeitgeist” is the intellectual and emotional mentality of the current era we live in.  Zeitgeist concepts bring awareness and transparency in a positive way to you.  By showing what else life has to offer, intellectual and cultural, social, emotional and economical, I encourage people to discover their own spirits and develop their traits.  The main focus is your health and to live life  in a holistic aspect.

In a MeVALUATION© session, we’ll take the time to study your habits and your pre-condition.  We’ll get to the root of your problems and help you become at ease with utilizing roots and herbs instead of pills.

By attending our tours and workshops, you  automatically move into a positive mindset and live what we teach.  For your optimal  personal development, one-on-one coaching makes it a holistic approach.  Health  and happiness for body, mind and soul.

Where to Find Us.

Open workshops are held on a regular basis in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.  And you’ll find us on the road as well.  Watch out for our upcoming workshop schedule because we might be in your neighborhood soon.

We offer MeVALUATION© Sessions that can be done either online or as one-on-one coaching at our Las Vegas facility.

Our unique tour destinations reach from the deserts of Death Valley, California to the beaches of Greece and Laguna Beach, San Diego or Los Angeles, California.  Our Yoga in the desert and on the beach is always instructed by professional Yoga teachers, and we provide 8-10 hours of instruction over a 4-day tour. Classes are for beginners as well as for the more advanced.  Reiki is available upon request.

Look up our Zeitgeist Tours Fall/Winter 2017 schedule.   Our tours are limited to 15 attendees, so reserve your spot today.

Jean-Anne Alexander
About the Founder.

Before moving to the US in 2005, Jean’s curious nature and determination resulted in success across multiple industries in Germany, including Account Management (Warner Music); Marketing (BMW), Cultural Manager (Zeitstufe) and pub proprietor (Kult).

With the start of the new century, armed with a healthy dose of self-confidence and determination — and at an age when most people are looking in life’s rearview mirror — Jean looked ahead and moved to America.  She still recalls that flight, looking out over the clouds. “Except for giving birth to my two sons, I never felt better in my life. I had just two suitcases, just me and my future… Freedom.” Jean soon became a domestic flight attendant, as a means to see as much of the USA as possible.

In the US, Jean also found her African-American roots in her biological father, who was in an interracial marriage in France with Jean’s mother in the 1950’s. Being a mixed-race child of a  single mother shaped much of Jean’s character and worldview, and explains the innate diversity that exists within her today.

As a young child, Jean was the go-to person in her family, The Healer. Being allergic to pain relievers, and witnessing family members dependent upon pharmaceuticals (with the side effects leading to an endless cycle of more pharmaceuticals), she immersed herself in the study of holistic medicine, herbology, and botany. Influenced by Maria Treben, Dr. Joseph Murphy, and Carl G. Jung, Richard Bandler, Neuro Linguistic Programming Jean adapted a holistic approach to  all areas of her well-being: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Applying this same holistic overview to her professional life, Jean experienced a similar sense of wellness and energy when she surrounded her external self with her great passion, the arts, as she did when she filled her internal self with her herbal teas, treatments, and remedies. Inspired by the creative energy of artists, she became a producer of live theatre, radio, television, and internet programs. Jean soon found her niche as a Cultural Manager to visual artists, where the her expertise created the environment necessary for the artists to produce their most compelling artwork.

Today, Jean is offering her unique talents and vast experience in Zeitgeist LifeStyle By Design, a dynamic life coaching program that inspires clients to create the whole life that they were born to live.

Client Testimonials

  • Jean-Anne Alexander has formulated a message of great attributes for me and my business. She has implemented increments that have developed from beginning to experiencing prosperity. Each client that I encountered with has conveyed positive results, because of Zeitgeist guidance. I will continue to utilize her coaching and guidance. I love the holistic approach to life and the structure of the daily life with the natural and healthy aspect. Jean-Anne helps me focus on tasks and to produce positive results. She brings the best out of me. Straight Real! LOL. I am thankful to have her in my life!   Tiffany Goudeau, CA

“Jean-Anne is passionate about health and wellness. She excites her audience by providing innovative programs that inspire them to set and achieve attainable life goals. Because of her extensive experience in the holistic industry, she comes with a wealth of information which she shares willingly and consistently.”
-Crystal Ann Mitchell, M.S
“Zeitgeist represents through Jean Anne Alexander the right alternative to medical pharmaceuticals.Her counseling and suggestions for natural herbs & teas were most assuredly the correct approach in mitigating a severe bout of anxiety.”As a journalist I agree in principle with Zeitgeist.Free Market Capitalism as practiced in the U.S. Health Care is corrupt beyond recognition of ” Oath.”John Edward JordanHenderson, Nevada

The first coaching session made clear, that I could not fulfill my future plans with the attitude I had at the time. It happened like an explosion in my head when suddenly I realized something so important. I had a break through. It was not only a mental and spiritual experience, I physically was shaking, my teeth started chattering, I start crying. I felt an enormous energy stream flowing through my body. This was the most powerful conscious coaching session I have had with Jean-Anne. Thank you! Oh want to mention as well, it was the first time in years that I slept through the whole night.

  • Testimonial S. Palmen, 5/27/2017, Germany
  • 5/27/17, 3:24:53 PM: Astrid: When we first started with the conversation I wasn’t sure what to talk about. Jeans calm and reassuring way made me feel supported to settle on one theme. I enjoy her listening skills and her ability to connect the different statements, braids them together to a beautiful picture of my own self. Her questions are reflective and again helpful to see what was not clear in the beginning. I appreciate Jean’s compassion to lead and support me in finding my own truth on my journey.

quoteI would like to encourage everybody who had any experiences with recommended  herbal remedies, experiences of technics, tips and mind changing life approaches, Please  state it here. Send me an email and I will post it ! Thank you for building up  our new Zeitgeist era.