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To get more information about the benefit of Hemp Products, like CBD Oil, and how to use it, please send us an email. If you like to set an appointment for more information, please go to the appointment setting in our menu, or go directly and order here Hemp&Co Thank you!...


DETOX before and after the Holidays!

Being allergic to pain relievers, and witnessing family members dependent upon pharmaceuticals (with the side effects leading to an endless cycle of more pharmaceuticals), Jean-Anne Alexander immersed herself in the study of holistic medicine, herbology, and botany. Influenced by Maria Treben, Dr. Joseph Murphy, and Carl G. Jung, Jean-Anne adapted a holistic approach to all areas of her well-being: mental, physical, and spiritual. Jean-Anne is a certified Life Coach. Naturally, she lives a healthy lifestyle and integrates this knowledge into her professional Life Coaching Practice at Zeitgeist Lifestyle by Design.   HERE ARE SOME DETOX TIPS FROM HER PRACTICE! WHO SHOULD DETOX?                                                           Do...

How To Avoid High Medical Bills | Jean-Anne Alexander |Prevention is Key to Medical Debt.

How To Avoid High Medical Bills

Prevention is Key to Medical Debt. By Jean-Anne Alexander. An apple a day keeps the doctor away- not just a saying. People who are eating an apple every day are more resistant to common germs, virus, and bacteria than people who don't. The daily routine keeps your bowel intact, consequently, flushes out the bad stuff you don't need. The consistency of your Vitamin C-level protects you like a shield. Pectin lowers blood pressure, boron for bones and brain. Quercetin reduces the risk of lung and breast cancer.  Phytonutrients reduce heart disease risk.  Skip the flu seasons easily plus several sick days on top. Saving thousands of dollars a year costs you 50 cents a day. It still got you? Try old remedies as soon as you feel something is coming...

How Medical Bills Can Ruin Your Life in a Heartbeat and How to Fix Them Quickly! | Jean-Anne Alexander

The Quick In’s And Out’s of Medical Debt

How Medical Bills Can Ruin Your Life in a Heartbeat and How to Fix Them Quickly! By Jean-Anne Alexander. Life dramatically changes when, all of a sudden, medical expenses are your focus and not your medical condition anymore. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 66% of the people with medical debt stated that gaps in coverage, accidents, doctors-dentist visits, tests,  and lab fees are the most common sources of bills, though hospital and ER visits make up the largest dollar amount. And they all want to get paid for their service. How surprisingly it is that almost all doctors take and offer credit cards in some form. The quickest way to secure their share, and an easy way while you are in a strong emotional state. Not long for...

5 Smart Moves To Avoid Large Medical Bills | Jean-Anne Alexander | Find the Errors in Your Bill - Plan a Surgery - Better Prices Overseas!

5 Smart Moves To Avoid Large Medical Bills

Find the Errors in Your Bill - Plan a Surgery - Better Prices Overseas! By Jean-Anne Alexander. A study in 2009 found that medical debt is reason number 1 for bankruptcy in the US.  Even financial coaching programs get you out of debt. But why not avoid getting into it in the first place? Accidents and short-term medical conditions are the reason for 66% of the people who are in medical debt.  It catches them off guard.  That's life.   But before paying...